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KAADA (full name : John Erik Kaada) is a Norwegian composer, currently working in Oslo, in a studio surrounded by trees, computers and musical instruments. He has made several albums and has toured in Asia, USA and Europe. Kaada has amassed over 35 film credits in his time in the movie industry, incl. the French (2014) block-buster “La liste de mes envies” and the latest Bent Hamer movie “1001 gram” (2014). In addition to writing his scores, he also performs many of the instruments heard in many of his compositions. Kaada is known for his collection and inclusion of rare and unusual instruments from around the world and for having made a bunch of non-ordinary instruments himself.


John Erik Kaada

Wrongroom is a cross-border production company hell-bent on crafting powerful music with integrity and originality. We’re real musicians that live and breathe music. We’re motivated by an unrepentant desire to be better – not busier, and guided by the conviction that strong relationships forge strong creative content. We have worked extensively in all facets of media including theatre, television, radio, album production, and film, even installations. We use each opportunity to collaborate with brilliant clients and talented agencies as a chance to redefine the limits of our own creative potential.


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